Here is what educators are saying about Time To Teach

"During my first two years as principal of Clark Street Elementary School, we expereienced over 300 office referrals and over 150 out-of-school suspensions!  This year we have only had two office referrals in six weeks!"


                                                                                     John Hargrove, Principal

                                                                                     Clark Street Elementary


"We have used the Time To Teach strategies for over 18 years!  These strategies allowed me to get into the classrooms and help teachers instead of having to deal with lines of students awaiting discipline intervention.  Time to Teach truly delivers on its promise to gain back valuable teaching time that is so often lost to discipline."


                                                                                      Lynette Hedden, Retired Principal

                                                                                      Richland, Washington


"I have seen a 15 point gain in math and science scores on the state standardized test, which helped our school meet AYP, and I have not sent a single student to the office this year.   Time to Teach has helped me successfully teach ESL learners, children with ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and impoverished students."


                                                                                      Carrie Chase, High School Counselor

                                                                                      Lahainaluna High School, Hawaii


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